Wednesday, January 12, 2005


...Everything is as we've created!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Need a Hand?

As our creations resonate more closely with the divine plan, you will see and feel Spirit working with you on a level in which your creations manifest much more quickly. In fact, everything 'speeds up', everything goes right; things even pop up seemingly out of nowhere that give you a hand.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Debuting 23 January 2005

Connecting with Leya'hey: Infinite Light Path Techniques

Leya'hey is a channeled word with a cumulative meaning that expresses infinity and the movement of consciousness (Light) through infinite Love. Leya'hey is both a philosophy and modality that is here to serve and expand our understanding of what it means to heal. Leya'hey utilises breath, simple movement, sound, awareness of the now moment- and of course LOVE!

*Profoundly Simple* Actively receive and transmit pure Love*
*Create with your Crystalline Awareness*
Sunday afternoons, 2 pm in Central Southport (Queensland, Australia).
Email Ara for further info. Would you like to see this program in your area?

Oxy & Hydro Power. No, not laundry detergent...

We can literally breathe and drink our way to good health- drinking water, that is. We're talking Brita, not Bacardi (although some may beg to differ)!

Within the moment that is Now focus your awareness upon the breath. Inhale and allow the abdomen to protrude- so your gut sticks out, filling with oxygen all the way up into the chest. Now slowly exhale through pursed or puckered lips and repeat at least three times then breathe normally.

Doesn't that feel great?!
That's proper Oxygenation working in your body.
One of my wise old teachers, Kawena, calls this Oxy-Power! So maybe we could call running out to get a glass of water Hydro-Power? Yeah! It costs nothing and it is a precious investment in your health and well being.


Saturday, January 08, 2005


"Expect Nothing... And have Everything"

Upon Your Path

"Embrace every lesson placed upon your path"

"Know that it is you who ultimately places these lessons and experiences upon your path, for you are the light of the creator. Know this and accept this precious gift and response-ability and feel the grandness of the love that you are.

Notice the word 'Path' implies movement. Move through experience by allowing yourself to feel and express. It is through movement and not through stagnation within experience that our consciousness is able to move, to evolve, and to create codons of awareness".

Love, Ara.


"Sometimes we feel angry, and that's OK. Allow time and space for anger and all feelings to work themselves out.
Realise that you are not your anger.
It may be there but it's not who you are. You are pure Light and pure Love; and you Embrace.

"With compassion and acceptance embrace your anger. Anger only manifests when there is a perceived lack or deficiency of love- in fact when anything is 'wrong' it all comes down to love. Love is boundless and infinitely available. "

Friday, January 07, 2005


"There are times wherein we choose to create without honouring our life as a gift, that our time here is a gift. You are known as a joyous being. Do you know yourself as a joyous being?"

"Know yourself as a Joyous Being."